Server rates

  • All rates are 8x+


Custom Commands

  • .xp set 8      Sets your XP rates individually.


Custom Changes

  • Free talent reset.
  • Cross-Faction: Everything apart from Faction related NPCs, e.g. in main cities is cross-faction.
  • Portals in all major cities to other major cities
  • Pocket Portal.



Additional Info about Soloing:

You are able to soloing all dungeons/instances/raids NHC HC.

We do run Autobalance mixed with Solocraft module and it is in the meantime balanced between the "Gunship Battle" and "Putricide's Trap". You can make it through this game mechanics nothing will stop you.


Development and bug finding/fixing:

.npc info    This command prints the unique GUID and the Entry (type) of your current target. If you come across a bugged NPC, tell the developer about these numbers.


.gobject near       It prints data about all game objects 10m around your current position. This is useful for example if you see multiple nodes within a few meters of each other. Or if nodes spawn inside of each other simultaneously.

.gobject near 20      The number will change the scan distance.


.debug hostile       It prints information about creatures that the player is currently in combat with. This is useful in bug reports. The important values are creature entry and creature guid (displayed by low)