Frequently Asked Questions


Question: When is the server available?

Answer: The server is available 99% and 24/7 up-time. If you can not reach the server. The reason can be an update, expired certificate, your wow client is outdate, your set portal is wrong or you do not using the latest version of the custom wow launcher.


Question: Can i use my account from WotLK?

Answer: No you can't. WotLK WoW login is with Username and World of Warcraft login is with eMail adress. But as soon as you create an account you will have one account for both versions.


Question: Do you keep the server up-to-date?

Answer: Yes! Every few days we check whether the retail client has been updated. If so we update and recompile our core to the latest commit it means also the game version.


Question: Which client version is supported?

Answer: We keep the server up-to-date with the latest version of the retail client. Try to disable automatic update in your launcher if you want to not updating your game automatically so you still will be able to connect if a update has been released. And as soon as you can not connect with the currently used version of the retail client you can update your retail client and try to connect to the server again.


Question: What for custom scripts are you using?

Answer: Auto Shutdown - Usually at 04:00 AM CET

Auctionshouse Bot - Provides items - Automatic buy OFF

Reward Time Played - Automatic every hour - Roll a random number

Dynamic Level XP - Incease your XP rate in 10 level steps automatically




Question: How far does "Exile's Reach" work?

Answer: Actually not that much. When you reach the beach, you only have a few quests left to complete. Then that was all.


Question: How far does the "Worgen racial" works?

Answer: Not at all. You can not complete any quests.


Question: How far does the "Demon Hunter class" works?

Answer: You can not activate Specialization & Talents yet.

(Zone) Mardum: Does not have a graveyard yet.


Question: How far does the "Dragonflight Expansion" - "Evoker class" works?

Answer: (Zone) Does not have any spawns and quests yet.

(Zone) The Forbidden Reach: Does not have a graveyard yet.


Dragon Isles Raids:

Azurespan has first boss scripted and spawns.

Ruby life pools has spawns (no scripts).

Algethar academy has spawns (no scripts).

(source: trinitycore discord server)