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Gift a Game Key on Our Website - Rules and Guidelines


Welcome to our website, where users have the exciting opportunity to gift game keys to everyone. To ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone, we have established some rules and guidelines for this feature.



  1. Eligibility:
    To participate in the game key gifting process, users must meet two requirements: having the required number of gems and reaching a specific level on our website. This ensures that users have actively engaged with our platform and have accumulated enough gems to exchange for giveaways.

  2. Collecting Gems:
    Users can collect gems by redeeming daily gem gifts available on our website. These gems are essential for exchanging them for giveaways, which can then be redeemed as game keys. The number of gems required will vary depending on the value and popularity of the desired giveaway.

  3. Gem Exchange:
    Once users have reached the necessary level and collected enough gems, they can exchange them for giveaways. These giveaways can be redeemed as game keys of their choice. Users can browse through our collection of available giveaways and select the one they wish to redeem.

  4. Gifting Process:
    To get a game key as a gift, users need to provide having the required number of gems and reaching a specific level during the redeem process. Once the transaction is complete, the containing the game key will be visible directly to the recipient's user-area.

  5. Terms and Conditions:
    Users must adhere to our website's terms and conditions while participating in the game key gifting feature. Any violation of these terms may result in penalties or restrictions on accessing this service.


We also offer a daily gem gift option, allowing users to collect additional gems each day. This provides an opportunity to accumulate more gems over time and increase their chances of obtaining desirable giveaways.

We hope you enjoy this unique opportunity to surprise everyone with exciting game keys! Remember to check back daily for your gem gifts and keep leveling up to unlock more amazing games.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the gifting process, please feel free to contact our customer support team. Happy gifting!



The following rules apply for a valid submission:


  1. Eligibility:
    The gifting option is available to all registred users who have purchased a game key and wish to gift it to someone else.
  2. Selection:
    Choose the game key you would like to gift from your collection or purchase a new one specifically for gifting purposes.
  3. Redemption Instructions:
    Include clear instructions on how the recipient can redeem the game key. This may involve providing a link to a specific website or platform where they can activate the key.
  4. Expiry Date:
    Specify any expiration date associated with the game key. It's important to inform the recipient about the validity period to ensure they can redeem it in time.
  5. Terms and Conditions:
    Include any relevant terms and conditions associated with the gifting process, such as restrictions on transferring or reselling the game key.


Remember, gifting a game key is a thoughtful gesture that allows you to share the joy of gaming with others. Enjoy spreading the excitement and happiness of gaming through this special gift!




Why do we give away free games?

One may think of old wisdom that the only free cheese is in the mousetrap and start wondering about the reasons behind running a free games giveaway. New gamers that are not familiar with the gaming industry can be surprised by the fact that a title can be just given for free. However, there is a valid explanation, and there is nothing dodgy hidden behind this reason at all.

Moreover, there are not very much of Communitys that run free game giveaways on a regular basis. Most of the time, they do so in order to attract new users or persuade existing User to use their services more often.