Terms of Use

  1. Introduction:

    • The terms of use govern the conditions for using the leaderboard on the website GamersCentral.de.
  2. Consent to Compliance:

    • By using the leaderboard, you agree to these terms of use, rules, and guidelines.
  3. Eligibility for Listing:

    • Any user can sign up for the leaderboard as long as they meet the specified criteria.
  4. User Responsibilities:

    • You are responsible for the accuracy of the provided information.
    • Listing false or fraudulent information is prohibited.
  5. Listing Guidelines:

    • Ensure that your listing meets the specified criteria.
    • Abuse or manipulation of the leaderboard is not allowed.
  6. Intellectual Property:

    • All content provided on the website is subject to the intellectual property of GamersCentral.de. Reproduction or distribution without permission is prohibited.
  7. Disclaimer:

    • GamersCentral.de assumes no responsibility for damages or losses resulting from the use of the leaderboard or linked content.
  8. Privacy:

    • Information regarding the collection, use, and protection of personal data can be found in our privacy policy.
  9. Changes to Terms of Use:

    • GamersCentral.de reserves the right to change the terms of use for the leaderboard with reasonable notice.
  10. Dispute Resolution:

    • Any disputes will be resolved in accordance with applicable laws and jurisdiction rules.



  1. Appropriate Behavior:

    • Respect other users and adhere to general etiquette.
    • Spamming or harassing behavior related to the leaderboard is prohibited.
  2. Relevant Content:

    • The listing should contain relevant and accurate information.
  3. Listing Procedure:

    • Follow the specified steps and procedures when signing up for the leaderboard.
    • Abusive behavior during the sign-up process will not be tolerated.



  1. Content Moderation:

    • GamersCentral.de reserves the right to review and remove listings that violate the rules.
    • Moderators will review listings for rule compliance.
  2. Community Participation:

    • Encourage active participation and constructive exchange of information regarding the leaderboard.
  3. Contact Information:

  4. Changes and Updates:

    • Regularly review the rules and guidelines for the leaderboard for updates.